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Lagonda Streamliner

Lagonda M45 Streamline Coupe by Brainsby Woolard

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Meandering through Austria in order to research a 770 pre-war Mercedes, I was told about a unique Lagonda Streamliner sitting in Italy. Strange I thought, ‘Lagondas don‘t usually find their way into Italy’. I duly made a note to see the proprietor in the coming weeks.

Unique Lagonda Streamliner

When I was introduced to the car, I was totally surprised by its outstanding beauty. It's one of those cars that don‘t look so good in photos but in the flesh the Lagonda is nothing short of sensational.

No wonder. The spectacular one-off M45, bodied by John Charles to a design by Brainsby Woolard as an aerodynamic two-door coupe, took pride of place on the Lagonda stand at the 1934 Earl’s Court Show.  The chassis seems to be a standard M45 but it is very spritely and feels like the long-legged Grand Tourisme she was once designed to be.

Impressed by the history and beauty, I asked the owner if I could take her to the next MilanoAutoClassica event to see what people's opinion of the car might be. The owner agreed and the car was duly voted ‘Best of Show’. A truly great car, largely overlooked by history.

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