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Classic Nostalgia

Classic Nostalgia 2022

By Wayne Batty

Classic Nostalgia, held this past weekend at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, was yet another great reminder of why the glory days of motorsport are so worth celebrating. Listening to the melodic shriek of the V16 in BRM’s 2021 P15 as it carried out its demonstration runs up the hill was spine-tingling – you don’t get that with an electric car. The P15, along with examples of each of BRM’s Grand Prix-winning cars, was there in celebration of the marque’s 60th anniversary of its 1962 World Championship victory.


Above: BRM’s spectacular 1.5-litre supercharged V16-engined P15 Mark I, built from scratch in 2021. Is this the best-sounding race car ever? Credit: Philip Porter

BRM P154

Above: Driven in 1970 by Mexico’s Pedro Rodriguez, the P154 was BRM’s exciting first attempt at building a Can-Am racer. Credit: Abigail Humphries

BRM P261

Above: The BRM P261, successfully campaigned by Hill and Stewart, with Richard Attwood at the wheel. Credit: Philip Porter

Adding to the BRM grand prix cars spectacle was the Rover-BRM gas turbine car that ran at Le Mans in ’65, the 1970 P154 Can-Am car, as driven by Pedro Rodriguez, and an example of the extremely rare Lotus Elan BRM road car conceived by Mike Spence and Tony Rudd in 1967.

Rover BRM

Above: The gas turbine Rover-BRM, a courageous and pioneering sports car prototype racer with Le Mans pedigree. Credit: Abigail Humphries

The Porter Press stand, positioned close to the BRM display in the paddock area, proved ideal for selling the popular BRM – Racing for Britain book. Thank you to all who purchased a copy, or just stopped by for a chat. It was also a great spot for Philip Porter to interview former BRM drivers, Richard Attwood, Howden Ganley and Mike Wilds.

BRM book with model
Above: Image by Tilly Redshaw
Apart from the brilliant BRM display, motorsport fans were treated to a wide variety of machines including rally icons from Audi, Toyota, Ford, Peugeot, MG and more, plus track stars from British brands including Lotus, MG, Austin and ERA. R4D, the subject of our Great Cars book, thrilled spectators with spirited runs up the hill.
Above: As one of Britain’s most successful motorsport brands, Classic Nostalgia would not feel right without a line-up of cars from Lotus. Credit: Sarah King
Above: The ex-Pedro Rodriguez BRM P154 Can-Am car, Shelsley ‘local’ ERA R4D, short-wheelbase Audi Sport Quattro and the BRM P25 with which Jo Bonnier won the 1959 Dutch Grand Prix, attack the hill.

Classic Nostalgia 2022 was full of horsepower, hill climb action and noise; a sunny and glorious celebration of motorsport – exactly as advertised.
Article by Wayne Batty
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