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Incredible classic cars found

Can You Help with SuperFinds?

We need your help, please!

As mentioned in my Welcome, SuperFinds is an extraordinary book, compiled by Michael Kliebenstein. It is truly unique: nearly 900 photographs of historic racers, sports, GT and saloon (sedans) cars as found in the ‘60s and ‘70s around the world - in scrapyards, abandoned, in sheds, on top of buildings… And many are very serious cars, make no mistake - lots of Ferraris including three GTOs!

We have engaged with many marque and model specialists to pick their brains in trying to identify the cars, and in some cases, the actual car. A number of our authors, such as Richard Heseltine, Keith Bluemel and James Page, have been having fun helping us, and it is fun.

Below are a few we are all struggling with. Can you help, please?

Similar to an MG

MG lookalike

Above: This one is reminiscent of the old EX… MG-engined (and XK 100-engined) streamlined record breakers driven by Goldie Gardner. Our thinking is that it could have been a drag racer, judging by the different-sized wheels front and rear. Do those markings on the side mean anything to anyone? Maybe it will mean something to our US readers? 

Piper GT

Piper Gt cockpit

Above: Reminiscent of Lola T70s and the Chevron B16 GT, it is surely from that late ‘60s/early ‘70s era, but what exactly is it? Looks quite similar to a B16 but those rear wings (I have a B16 wing in my barn!) are too wide at the rear. There is also a shot of what we assume to be the interior, if that helps. One suggestion was Piper GT - the racer - but we don’t think so.


Above: One expert - not one of ours - has identified this as the cockpit of a Lancia D24, the 1953/4 sports racer. But surely they had a wraparound screen?


Above: Another one for our American friends. Someone thinks this is a LaSalle, but is it? The grille doesn’t look right to me, but I am no expert. All thoughts gratefully received.


Above: Finally, a delightful oddity. Several of us think it looks familiar but we can’t place it. Can you?


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