Porsche 911 Scrapbook (Limited Edition)

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A stunning Limited Edition of the Porsche 911 Scrapbook.

This edition is limited to 500, leather-bound, individually numbered & signed by legendary Porsche racer, Derek Bell & the author, Glen Smale

The Porsche 911 is one of the most recognised sports cars on the planet.  It’s the stuff of dreams for many, with a devoted band of fervent followers. This Porsche 911 book combines incisive narrative with stunning photography, cuttings, brochures and posters to tell the story of the 911 air-cooled cars (1963-1998).

In tracing 35 years of Porsche history, this stunningly-designed, large format work explores the models, the technology and the company history; investigates the origins of the awesome Carrera RS 2.7; takes a swift peek at the marque’s considerable racing pedigree and assesses the impact competition success had on the 911’s design and development.

Containing a wealth of unseen material direct from the Porsche Archive and a rare dedication by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche – the Porsche 911 book is essential reading for every Porsche enthusiast.

The Porsche 911 Scrapbook: Charting the evolution of the 911 series and the creation of a worldwide phenomenon, over 35 years from 1963-1998

  • 178 pages, crammed with hundreds of rare and unseen images and documents, many direct from the Porsche Archive Department
  • The science of survival: how the Porsche 911 has combined technological innovation with design integrity
  • Competition successes – from Sebring to Le Mans and Mexico
  • The stuff of dreams: how the 911 was marketed and sold
  • The role of the Porsche family and other key figures in the 911’s history
  • Export, expansion and the pressures of global success
  • Presenting original road test documents, prototypes and styling exercises
  • All the classic variations – Carrera, Turbo, Targa …
  • The memorabilia, apparel and accessories
  • Rare dedication by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche

 For more information on the author, Glen Smale, visit our Author Profiles page.

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