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John Egan - Saving Jaguar

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John Egan arrived at Jaguar Cars in April 1980, newly appointed as Chief Executive.

The company's very survival was in grave doubt.  In fact, the situation looked utterly hopeless.

Not only was the once-proud Jaguar company a part of the catastrophic British Leyland conglomerate but he was greeted at the gates by the workforce - on strike!

The odds against saving Jaguar were immense.  Quality was appalling, the workforce bitter, the management disillusioned and any profits had been sucked out by BL to stem its mounting losses.  The Labour Government had introduced the 'closed shop', giving the unions their despotic militant shop stewards immense power.

This book tells the story of how John Egan gradually overcame the odds and, piece by piece, rebuilt this great company, winning over the workforce, the overseas dealers and, most important of all, the customers.  Working with Margaret Thatcher and her Government, Egan and his team of managers overcame every obstacle, every set-back, every challenge.

Again and again, it looked impossible.  Yet using innovative techniques, intelligence, eloquence, openness, motor racing and much more, they saved this most charismatic company which has created some of the finest and most loved motor cars of all time.

It is an amazing story that will appeal equally to car enthusiasts, those in business and readers interested in social history.

Saving Jaguar book reviews

Author, Sir John Egan

Softback ISBN 978-1-907085-74-1

Hardback ISBN 978-1-907085-31-4



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David M.
A Triumph of Determination

An excellent account of how Jaguar's saviour had the determination to get through all the obstacles that threatened the company's continued existence. As one who lived through those times, working in other parts of the industry, it is sobering to be reminded of how much destructive power was exercised by some unions at the time. This effect, coupled with the poor management that was visible throughout much of our post-war engineering industry, dealt a severe blow to manufacturing in the UK from which we have not fully recovered. An excellent book which I recommend, not just to those with a motoring interest, but also to students of corporate behaviour.

Rare insight

All too often the twists and turns of large companies- especially car companies - can be lost. I had the honour of listening to Sir John Egan give a candid view of his time at Jaguar, from the 'never tried before' paint system to the chaotic under valuation of the brand, thanks in part to ever present corporate politics. Having worked in many car companies - including one that was small as well as almost broke - much of Sir John's knowledge is not the stuff of classic business management courses. Much of it is absolutely relevant to commercial activity today. Overall Sir John Egan gave a big slice of his passion and drive to Jaguar, and although many fabulous people played important roles in saving Jaguar from certain termination, his contribution was very special. So, take a look and enjoy. This type of publication is rare, and for those in the automotive industry, very relevant.

Giovanni R.
A piece of History

It was very difficult for me, having studied English language at school and seldom used in these years, read this book. But, with the help of familiars, I understood the "soul" of those years and the terrible effort for Sir John Egan. I was able to track many parallelism in what was happening in Italy as well during seventies and eighties and you can find many interesting points and reflections. Moreover, in those years I was a young Jaguar fan and for me Sir John Egan was the man who gave new life to the magnificent XJs and XJ-Ss and who gave Jaguar new "respect" in the motor sport! Sorry for my bad English!